Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween time

Logan has been obsessed with pumpkins lately. He reads pumpkin books, sleeps with his mini pumpkin and loves the big pumpkin that we carved.  When we first brought home the big pumpkin, he kept giving it kisses. Since then, he will give me kisses any time. I think before that he was confused about hugs and kisses, which was which.

Our ward had a Halloween chili cook-off and a trunk-or-treat.  It was really fun and we were able to enjoy food and see all the fun costumes. Our bishop and his family were all dressed as smurfs :)

Some of our friends had a Halloween party at their apartment.  Logan was a monster (again) this year. It was way too big last year and a tiny too small this year, but it worked.  Here is Logan and his friend Jackson, as a tiger.

I wish I would have at least gotten a picture of Darrin's costume on him.  He was a golden robot.  We used two of our many moving boxes and spray painted it gold, adding beads and caps for buttons.  He looked awesome.  I chose to be nostalgic and be pippy long stocking (which I was when I was about 8 for Halloween).

We carved our big pumpkin. This year we just used a template of a cat on a pumpkin instead of doing our own face.

Here's Logan watching while holding his precious mini pumpkin (that he likes to sleep with sometimes)

Darrin looking thoughtful and Logan in time-out for screaming.  We just can't seem to figure out how to make him stop, or exactly why he does it. 

Happy after time-out :)

Something else Halloween brings: my dad's birthday!!! Happy birthday, dad.  We love you and love remembering you while munching on sweet things!


Amy said...

Cute that he gives kisses to the pumpkin!

Kaitlin Ellingson said...

he is getting so big! Ha, I love that he sleeps with his mini pumpkin. so cute! p.s. I love your hair in those pics.

Laura said...

He looks like he's saying, "It's all cool. I'm just as macho as I was before time-out!"

He is such a cutie!!!

Tara said...

He is getting so BIG! ANd you are looking so beautiful! We really do need to catch up sometime soon! I miss you!