Tuesday, October 2, 2012

finally on to spokane

Over that last year or so we have been asking for camping equipment for birthdays, Christmas, etc. We have finally acquired all the things we needed so we went camping on Labor Day weekend for one night.  It was sort of funny because it was like camping in a park, but it was still fun.

Logan loved playing in the dirt and ashes (before the fire was built). Poor little guy took a tumble and it looked like he had a tiny black eye that night.  It was gone the next morning.

Using Darrin's new lantern.

The first week we were there we decided to give Logan a haircut because his hair was looking terrible.  Fruit snacks and licorice were very helpful in the process.

Darrin did a good job.

The back of his hair before.

And the after pictures! Kind of hard to see in the pictures, but it turned out cute. Now it has grown back considerably.

He sure loves his bellybutton! 

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Elizabeth said...

Evelyn has a belly button obsession right now, too. Sometimes I wonder if Heavenly Father put them there simply for the delight of every toddler.